Greetings, Delta family members and friends,

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our first Virtual Annual General Meeting.  I must say we have been incredibly pleased by the response from our community. 

While this AGM reports on 2019, we always take this opportunity to update you on developments of 2020; this year has been such an extraordinary year.  That being said, in 2019, Delta Family continued to provide a range of services to residents of northwest Toronto, and we saw three exciting new programs come on board - the Sewing hub, and Pempamsie and our Counselling unit!  The Family Resource program continued to deliver parenting and other relevant services to communities in Jane Glenfield, Humber Summit and Mt Olive-Jamestown, and programs for children and youth were offered at Beaumonde Heights, St Rochs, Duncanwoods, the Rexdale hub and, in partnership with Dixon Youth Rise, the Dixon area. 

Our keynote speakers addresses how COVID has affected life in northwest Toronto.  Like you, Delta Family has also been affected, but we have made concerted efforts to continue serving these communities that rely on us.  As a result, Delta Family has pivoted to connect with various partners to enhance food security.  With support from the United Way -City Cluster tables, we worked with partners such as North York Food Harvest, the Hub, Rexdale CHC, Rexdale Women’s Centre and other organizations to ensure that residents were able to access resources that they needed.   These initiatives would not have been possible without the support of or team of committed volunteers, and we thank them all.

At this time, Delta Family has transformed most of its programs virtually, and every day (but Sunday) there are family programs for parents and young children; Zumba sessions occur twice weekly and mediation takes place on Friday mornings.  Cook and Learn programs continue virtually, as does the storytelling group, and the SNAP, Harambee, Kuji Kids, Motivated Mamas and Black Dad’s programs all deliver services to the Black community.  Pempamsie provides virtual supports for youth and their families in conflict with the justice system, the counselling department provides virtual (and some limited in-person meetings) and the sewing hub offers virtual classes – there’s something for everyone!

We will continue to offer some virtual programming, but we will open again for group programming as circumstances permit.  We enjoy seeing you on zoom and other platforms but miss seeing you in person and hope to be able to do so before too much time passes.  Until then, be safe, and we hope that this challenging time brings out the best in all of us and we as all together, continue to provide the much-needed support to the vulnerable members of the community.

Wishing you health and happiness,


Seema Khanna and Kemi Jacobs

President and Executive Director



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