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Ounce of Prevention (Oz) delivers trauma informed, culturally relevant Afrocentric programming for Black youth age 15 to 29 and their families impacted by the criminal justice system.
Oz will be delivered in partnership with For Youth Initiative (FYI), Somali Women and Children, Think2wice and Urban Rez Solutions. The program is funded by Safety Canada.
Oz will aim to:

  • Provide culturally appropriate services to a minimum of 48 youth and their families annually at various stages in the criminal justice systems including supports during court proceedings.

  • Provide pre-release planning and post incarceration supports to a minimum of 48 youth and their families.

  • Strengthen supports for Black youth and families by providing a space where they can build a supportive community and begin the process of critical healing.

  • Reflect the community they serve with qualify staff that is culturally relatable.

  • Assist youth and their families to form new networks which promote healthy relationships, and reduce the likelihood of resorting to violence as a first response.

  • Infuse Afrocentric and the creative arts as a method of healing historical and intergenerational trauma.


Delta offers SNAP®, which stands for Stop Now And Plan, is an evidence-based cognitive behavioural model that provides a framework for teaching children struggling with behaviour issues, and their parents, effective emotional regulation, self-control and problem-solving skills. Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services as part of the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan supports are available to all families particularly those of African-descent. The program offers free culturally appropriate services with the primary goal of helping children to stop and think before they act, and keep them in school and out of trouble. SNAP® offers supports for children ages 6-11 and their families in the following areas: gender specific boys/girls groups, parent groups, individual counseling and community connections, school advocacy/support, homework club/tutoring and other interventions as needed. 


Delta Family’s FRP program offers an Interactive playgroup for parents and caregivers focusing on enriching children learning experiences through different media such as art and crafts, sensory stimulation, dramatic play songs, &rhymes. We moved our programming to an all online environment, and we have found great success in reaching our clients and keeping them connected, engaged, and excited during these times.

Community Program


Community Program

Kujistahi (Self-Respect) is a Parenting and Family initiative Our focus is on enhancing pride in Black identity and on increasing the availability of effective parenting supports for Black parent / caregivers; and improving outcomes for Black children, youth and their families. Our current online programs include:

Harambee Heritage Program: a space for children and their families to explore African Heritage, traditions and history.

Motivated Mamas: A space for Black Mothers to discuss the challenges and successes of Black Motherhood.

Black Dads Link: A space for Black Fathers to connect and discuss the successes and challenges of Black Fatherhood.

Young Giants Youth Program: Young Giants youth program is a space where young people can discuss identity, and culture through artistic expression.

Kuji Kids: A drop- in program for children ( 0-6) and thier parents/ caregivers to enjoy story time, create art and learn science.

Our programs are centered around Dr. Maulana Karenga"s Ngzo Saba Principals: ,Umoja (unity), Kujichagulia (self-determination), Ujima (collective work and responsibility), Ujamaa (cooperative economics), Nia (purpose), Kuumba (creativity), and Imani (faith).


Community Program

Due to Covid-19, Our community Office was mainly closed, in order to better protect our clients and the general public. All Delta programs moved either online or remotely, and as such, we strived to continue our services with pragmatics, tact, and safety in mind.


Community Program

Delta Family aims for capacity building of local community members with an aim to reduce poverty in North-West NIAs. Delta uses asset-based approaches to community development in low income communities. Delta works closely with community members, partners and coalitions to engage, support and facilitate a host of economic opportunities for residents and the broader community to stimulate opportunities available locally. Under its LED program as part of its poverty reduction strategy, Delta Family offers grass-roots capacity building, entrepreneurial support & workshops, sewing repair hub, skill-based trainings, financial literacy workshops, web development course, craft workshops, food pantry, community office, tax clinic, paid internships, youth scholarships, volunteering opportunities and many more. All of the programs are free for participants. Over the past one year, LED has supported more than 1000 clients.


Community Program

Across multiple departments, Delta family continues to provide personal, professional and counselling and support for our clients throughout this difficult time. We have also started facilitating weekly Wellness programs for our clients and the rest of the community. We are committed to growing our program and serving our community.

Delta Seniors Telling Stories program is funded federally by New Horizons for the seniors and currently running virtually on zoom platform every Tuesday of the week. During the month of September and October 80 seniors were served. The primary goals of the program are to enhance seniors' social well-being, community vitality; support the social participation and inclusion of seniors through storytelling. The storytelling virtual program has helped create a safe space where the seniors connect with each other, check in, tell stories and continue to share their knowledge, skills and experiences with each other. The storytelling program and the participants are in the midst of preparing for the first virtual Northern Etobicoke Storytelling Festival with Toronto Public Library and Uzima women relief organization and the creation of a booklet from the participants developed stories is in progress.


Community Program

The Toronto West Local Immigration Partnership (TWLIP) is a collaborative initiative to enhance local delivery of services to newcomers, while promoting the innovative and efficient use of community resources through improved coordination among social service agencies as well as other community stakeholders. The Toronto West LIP is funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). The project is overseen by three Partner Agencies:  Delta Family Resource Centre, Rexdale Women’s Centre, and JobStart

Four strategic priority areas for TWLIP are: 

  • Service Development and Coordination 

  • Labour Market 

  • Education and language

  • Health and Wellness 

Action Group that stem from the strategies priority areas and address the key issues identified by TWLI P are: 

  • Service Coordination 

  • Employment Resource  

  • Educational Resources for Newcomer Families 

  • Women Against Violence 

The Toronto West Local Immigration Partnership

Community Program


Community Program

Delta family has continued to facilitate our youth orientated programs throughout this pandemic. They include our OLORI – Black Youth Leadership Program, our Afterschool programs, and Youth In Transition from Care programs, all done safely and remotely.



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